Highly qualified multilingual consultant with nearly a decade of experience in Branding, PPC and Digital Marketing Strategy.

After nearly a decade working in Digital Marketing for agencies (IPG), suppliers (Google) and brands (Adidas), I now help personal brands build their presence in the Metaverse and build long-lasting relationships with their most relevant audiences.

Hi, I’m Francesca, nice to meet you

Based in EU, I am a multilingual Digital Marketer who has spent the past decade building my expertise in PPC, Social Media & Branding. I have been creating campaigns and optimising accounts for all sorts of clients, industries and sizes: from local hospitals, to car model launches, all the way up to huge FMCG multinational companies.

After working for Adidas (brand), Google Ads (supplier) and IPG Mediabrands (agency), I now help brands connect and build long-lasting relationships with their most relevant audiences, both on social media and in the Metaverse.

Expertise in:
- PPC (Pay Per Click) Google Ads
- PPC Facebook Ads
- PPC Tik Tok Ads
- Social Media Marketing
- Brand Management
- Brand Strategy
- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Availability to work in French, Italian & English. Spanish will be unlocked by 2023, German by 2024 & Mandarin by 2025.

A more personal introduction

Who am I, how I will help you and what you can expect from me:

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I have had the opportunity to teach over 6,000 students in my professional career. Francesca is in the top 1% of that cohort.

- Alex Thompson, Senior Marketing Lecturer at the University of Exeter