I didn't start this e-book with the intention of selling it.

At first, it was more research for me because I was struggling between exams, studying, extra-curricular activities and applying for jobs.

My research quickly became intense and long. I ended up writing whole chapters about one technique alone. Before I knew it, I had an e-book. For the past 4 years, I gave that e-book for free. Since some people plagiarised it, I have now put a very small price to it.

This e-book is the reason I got such a fruitful career. It is a reason why I can pursue acting while having a full time job and starting my own company, Spekyo Limited.


I tried balancing 50239 things all at once for so long, I wish I could have had this e-book to help me follow through my grandiose ideas. If you are like me, love to start new projects but barely finish them, then you need my guidance towards completion.

I read countless books, listened to hours of podcasts, even read through those tiny blogs on Pinterest to make sure that I didn't miss out on crucial techniques.

Everything I know about Time Management, lies in this E-book.